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Features of Urethane Coatings

Are adaptable and very simple to modify. They could be glossy, opaque, or translucent. Let’s explore some urethane coating properties.

  • Flexible:  It is possible to create coatings that are soft and flexible while still maintaining their chemical strength.

  • Can resist high temperatures:  Urethane coatings are suitable for use in extreme cold or heat because they can tolerate very extreme temperatures that can be as low as -1 degrees C to 93 degrees C.

  • Abrasion resistance:  These coatings are resistant to chipping, dents, scratches, cracking, and abrasion. Additionally, it gives the substrate a moisture barrier that acts as an anti-seal, extending the life of the substance. It is fairly easy to clean and does not readily absorb stains.

  • Bacterial resistance: Urethane coatings are often used in food and dairy departments because they are easy to clean and are not affected by bacteria or microbes. They may also be combined with an antimicrobial coating to reduce the risk of spreading germs.

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Substrates on Which Urethane Coatings Used

Listed below are some common materials on which urethane coatings may be applied.

  • Wood: Wood is a common substrate where urethane is used as a topcoat because it protects against scratches and abrasion. It is also used on furniture or on wooden flooring in a commercial or residential setting. Water-based coatings dry quickly and turn an amber color upon drying. Several coats may be applied as needed. Compared to oil-based polyurethanes, water-based coatings are more suitable for wood because it is compatible with all types of wood and dries quickly. Water-based urethane coatings have lower VOC’s compared to oil-based urethane.

  • Canvas:  Canvas is used for both creative projects and commercial purposes. Since water-based urethane is weatherproof, it can be applied easily to canvas projects that use latex or acrylic paint. Since it is fast drying, it has a low VOC level and requires fewer coats. It is an excellent choice for a sealant.

  • Metal: Are great for metal substrates because it has a high gloss finish and excellent weathering properties. It has anti-corrosion properties, resists chemical exposure and abrasion, and provides a smooth finish that is very durable. Examples of metals on which coatings are suitable are aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. Urethane is better than epoxy when it comes to outdoor metallic structures.

  • Glass:  Because they seal faded paint on glass, these types of coatings are another excellent choice for glass products. The natural sheen that glass provides is easily replicated using water-based polyurethane. Glass is not damaged or stained by urethane treatments.

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