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Tank linings are relatively easy to install and after the installation process, they are virtually unnoticeable. The benefits are added strength and durability. You will not have to think about replacing your coating or your tank for many years to come.

However, it is important to have a professional install tank linings as they have the necessary knowledge of the industry. Before choosing a tank lining, it’s important to consider several factors such as the duration of liquid storage, the contents of the tank, and the total curing time. It’s also essential to have a professional with adequate knowledge of the industry install the tank lining.

Popular Types of Tank Linings

Steel tanks are very common however, other tanks like concrete and fiberglass and plastic are also becoming popular. Let’s find out more about the different types of tank linings that are used.

  • Polyurethane:  Polyurethane tank linings are very versatile and can be manufactured to be less brittle. They can be used in concrete tanks, steel tanks, chemical tanks, and water tanks.

  • Polyurea tank linings:  Polyurea has the shortest curing time among most tank lining options and is applied with a hot spray. It is flexible and strong and has one of the highest tensile strengths when it comes to coatings.

  • Epoxy tank linings:  Epoxy linings are very durable and protect against high temperatures and corrosion. These linings can stretch along with the substrate under high temperatures. It has a long lifespan and is abrasion resistant. It can be manufactured to be solvent-free so that volatile organic components (VOCs) are reduced. Epoxy coatings should always be applied by a professional to avoid blistering caused by water vapor.


Why Hire a Professional?

Before a good professional begins lining a tank, they will take into consideration the best material that will suit the tank that needs to be lined. Several inspections need to take place, including temperature and weather conditions.

Apart from this, a professional needs the right equipment and to prepare the surface well. Preventing leakage is one of the most important factors. A tank that leaks is a waste of time and resources.Improper installation of the tank lining can result in the material failing to adhere to the substrate. Curing time is also important and proper procedures need to be followed.

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A tank lining that is not installed properly is a waste of resources At Top Notch Foam, we have experts on our team who can assess a tank and give you the right advice with regard to tank linings. Whether you need to install a new lining or want to replace your old one, we have the right tools and products to help you.