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Types of Roof Coatings

There are different types of roof coating available today. Listed below are some of the most popular types.

  • Elastomeric: This is a reflective roof coating that is made from elastomeric or synthetic rubber. It is flexible and offers protection against wind, rain, sun, and other elements.

  • Silicone: Crafted from silicon polymer, these roof coatings serve as an excellent choice for roofs exposed to wind and sun. They are resistant to moss and algae growth and suitable if you live in a humid climate. Silicone coatings adhere to the substrate very well and do not usually become brittle or hard. They provide good UV protection, and can also resist oxidation.

  • Acrylic roof coating: An acrylic roof coating also protects against the wind and sun and is resistant to moss and algae growth, similar silicone roof coatings. Manufacturers create these coatings from acrylic resin. They can be applied on various roof membrane surfaces, such as metal systems and single-ply membranes. Typically, one or more coats are applied. Keep in mind that it’s best not to apply acrylic coatings in extremely cold temperatures, as they cure well in warm weather with low humidity.

  • Polyurea roof coatings: Polyurea roof coatings are very durable and protect against harsh weather conditions. These coatings, made from a polyurethane polymer, are suitable for hot and humid climates.

  • Asphalt roof coatings: Asphalt coatings are relatively easy to apply. They are made from a mixture of rubber and asphalt and when applied properly will protect your roof from harsh weather elements.

Advantages of Roof Coatings

  • Keeps your roof good: Are beneficial because they help seal the joints and seams on your roof. This prevents water from entering and causing damage. A coating gives an extra layer and you will not have to worry about your roof for many years.

  • Improves aesthetics: Roof coating definitely improve the appearance of your roof. Nowadays they are available in various colors, and you can choose one that matches the color of your building. They also hide stains and prevent the growth of moss and algae which make a roof look dirty.

  • Increases life expectancy: Since most roof coatings protect from the UV rays of the sun, they will prevent cracking and fading. Moss and algae growth will also be prevented from growing.

  • Reduces repairs and maintenance: Are seamless and they prevent leaking roofs. They also protect from hail, snow, ice, and rain all of which cause deterioration. Replacing a roof is very expensive and it makes more sense to invest in a roof coating than replace your roof altogether.

  • Reduces energy consumption: Since most roof coatings reflect most of the sun’s heat, it is bound to keep your home cooler during the summer months, thus reducing energy on cooling costs. During the winter it acts as extra insulation on your roof thus keeping it warm indoors.

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