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Types of Insulation for Metal Buildings

Listed below are popular types.

  • Fiberglass:  Fiberglass is one of the least expensive methods to insulate a metal building. It is available as rolls or blankets, and when installed properly provides several benefits. The advantage of using fiberglass for insulating a metal building is that it can come with different facings, and this in turn provides a good aesthetic appeal. The disadvantage of using fiberglass is that the tiny fibers in the insulation can irritate your skin and respiratory system.

  • Reflective foil:  Reflective foil is a great option to use for metal building insulation especially if you live in a very sunny area. Reflective foils are easy to install with glue, nails, and staples. Because of their reflective surface, they not only brighten the outside of a building but reflect all of the sun’s rays, in turn keeping your building cool inside.

  • Rigid board:  Rigid board insulation can be used in any type of climate and it helps to cut down on outside noise. It is easy to install, but the panels need to be cut specifically to the size of the building on which they are being installed.

  • Spray foam:  Spray foam insulation can easily be applied to metal buildings, and they have several benefits. Since foam insulation will not absorb moisture, there are no chances of rusting or corrosion on the metal building. Foam insulation lasts a long time, is eco-friendly, and helps to reduce energy expenditures as well as heating or cooling costs.

  • Insulated panels: These panels are composed of metal panels with insulating foam sandwiched between them. While effective, this type of insulation is typically more costly than other types of metal building insulation. However, they provide good insulation, are fast and easy to install, and also have good aesthetic appeal.

Advantages of Insulating Metal Buildings

Improve the appearance of a building thus increasing aesthetic appeal.

The right insulation prevents moisture absorption thus significantly reducing the chances of rust and corrosion.

Another advantage of insulating metal buildings is the reduction in condensation, which happens when the outside and indoor temperatures are different. If moisture builds up, mold and mildew may develop, and this can cause severe health problems.

When there is extra padding or insulation, a metal building retains sound inside, as well as prevents outside sound from entering. This is useful for commercial settings where loud machinery may be in use.


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