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Why Home Insulation is Important

Insulation is a material that prevents the transfer of heat. All types of insulation will limit the flow of heat. There are three different ways in which home insulation works.

These are conduction, convection, and radiation.
Conduction is the term used to describe when heat travels through the material and it happens because there is a difference in temperature. Convection is the term used to describe the flow of heat in liquids and gases, and it happens due to differences in density.

An example of convection is the rising up of hot air. Radiation refers to the transfer of heat through waves.

Areas to Insulate in a Home

You can insulate most areas of a house to improve its energy efficiency. Below are some common areas where homeowners typically apply insulation:

  • Attic: Attic insulation is probably one of the most important when it comes to home insulation because hot air that rises can escape through the roof. Thus all the conditioned air in your home will escape easily if you have no attic insulation. Without attic insulation, you will be spending extra money on heating and cooling costs.

  • Basements: Basements are areas where mold and mildew can easily grow because of the accumulation of moisture. Furthermore, an uninsulated basement can cause your HVAC system to work much harder.

  • Walls: While often overlooked, exterior walls are important to insulate since conditioned air can escape through them. You may also choose to insulate the interior walls of your home

Types of Insulation for Homes

  • Blanket batts and rolls: Batt and roll insulation is found in different materials. They can be made of fiberglass, mineral or rock wool, natural fibers, or plastic fibers. Batts and rolls can be applied on floors, ceilings, foundations, walls, and unfinished walls. Batt and roll insulation is quite inexpensive and installed between beams, joists, and studs.

  • Loose-fill or blown-in insulation: Loose-fill comes in fiberglass, cellulose, as well as mineral wool. They can be used in unfinished attics, hard-to-reach spaces, new walls, cavities, or existing ones. Special equipment is needed to blow the loose-fill into place.

  • Structural insulated panels (SIPs): comprise foam board and find application in a range of settings, including unfinished walls, floors, ceilings, and newly constructed roofs. It is a superior type of insulation and takes less amount of time to install and build.

  • Spray foam insulation: Spray foam insulation is very popular for both home insulation as well as commercial insulation purposes. Spray foam is available in the form of open-cell as well as closed-cell spray foam and has a very high R-value compared to traditional installations.

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