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Why Install Crawl Space Insulation?

  • Keeps the floors on your main floor warmer.

  • The right insulation helps to eliminate moisture.
  • After insulation, you can use your crawl for storage.

  • Helps to maintain energy efficiency throughout your home.

  • Your indoor space will be more comfortable.

The Best Insulation

Cellulose, fiberglass, and spray foam insulation are all suitable options for insulating a crawl space in both residential and commercial buildings. However, out of all the options, spray foam insulation is the best. Cellulose and fiberglass insulation will allow moisture to enter, thus there is the probability of mold and mildew forming.
Another problem with cellulose insulation is that gaps may form in the insulation thus causing empty pockets.

With fiberglass insulation, there is a tendency to drop due to gravity. Fiberglass also traps dust and allergens. When fiberglass insulation is disturbed, tiny glass particles get released into the air which causes skin and respiratory issues.

On the other hand, foam insulation has several advantages and is the best for crawl spaces because it creates a complete air seal or an air barrier.
Spray foam insulation does not absorb moisture, so there will be no issues of mold and mildew. Foam insulation also seals all cracks and crevices, and there is no possibility of shifting.

Foam insulation will last as long as your building structure is intact. Pests and rodents cannot enter your crawl space, and they will not be attracted to create their nest here because foam insulation is not a food source.

When installed correctly by a Top Notch professional, spray foam helps to complete the building envelope and conditioned air will stay in your home for longer periods of time. The R-value will range from R-3.5 to R-7 depending on whether you choose open-cell foam or closed-cell spray foam insulation.


Does Old Insulation Need to Be Removed?

If you already have insulation installed and you want to install new crawl space insulation, you will need to remove the old insulation first. If you choose to install spray foam insulation, you will need a clean substrate because foam insulation cannot stick on a substrate that is unclean. This will just be a waste of resources.

The old insulation may also contain allergens which can impair air quality. The old insulation may be outdated, which is why if you choose to install new insulation, a good professional will remove the old insulation and dispose of it properly.


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